Our Story

Nothing is Impossible


You could say Cabana X was the answer to a question…well, many questions! 

Our parent company, StruXure Outdoor, was built on the idea of bringing the indoors out. But our team began to realize there were many people who weren’t being served–folks with a desire to spend more time outdoors, but without the need for a permanent structure to be added to their property. 

What if we offered a smaller, adaptable, lesser priced option of our award-winning Pergola X? Same durable powder-coated aluminum construction, same automated pivoting louvers.

Our designers began to hone in on the perfect cabana. What would it look like?  It would need add-ons, like corbels, to take it from modern to traditional, so it would fit seamlessly into any environment. The roof louvers would definitely need to pivot to maximize shade. What if it had lights around the frame? And curtains? And panels that could slide in to create a wall effect?  What if Cabana X could go on the next lunar expedition?!

Our search for answers led us to the creation of Cabana X by StruXure— Like StruXure’s Pergola X, Cabana X is made of durable powder-coated extruded aluminum and comes equipped with automated pivoting louvers and at a fraction of the cost of the Pergola X systems.

The answers to those questions led to the design of what we think is the greatest cabana on earth…and maybe someday, the moon!

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