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  • What is a Cabana X? Open/Close

    Cabana X is the ultimate high-quality, high-tech, ultra-versatile cabana. It was designed to be a non-permanent piece of outdoor furniture that goes wherever needed and provides protection from the elements via automated louvers and accessories that deliver both comfort and shelter.  

  • What size(s) does the Cabana X come in? Open/Close

    The Cabana X is currently offered in one size. It is 10ft by 10ft.

  • Does Cabana X protect me from the rain? Open/Close

    Yes. Cabana X does provide some protection from the rain, much like a premium umbrella.
    When closed, rain runs off the end of the louvers.

  • Do I need power to make it operate? Open/Close

    Yes. Your Cabana X will come with a 25 foot power cord that plugs right into a 110V outlet. If you need to run it further to reach your outdoor GFCI outlet, you will need an extension cord (not included) to power up your Cabana X system.

  • Can I get a ‘manual operation’ for my Cabana X? Open/Close

    No. There is no manual version of Cabana X currently available.

  • Can I get it in any other colors? Open/Close

    Currently, our standard collections are available in combinations of black and white. We offer two designer collections:  South Beach (white frame with teak louvers) and Aspen (black frame with walnut louvers). You may order a custom RAL color for an up charge.

  • Can I get my Cabana X with any lighting? Open/Close

    Yes. The Core + comes with LED strip lighting included.

  • Can I add any enhancements after I purchase it? Open/Close

    Yes.  Our enhancements can be added after you have assembled your Cabana X.

  • Can I connect more than one Cabana X together for a larger space? Open/Close

    Yes. We designed Cabana X to enable two or more cabanas to fit together to create a larger coverage area. Please contact us to discuss your ideas; we will come up with the best configuration and price. Call us at 888-402-8549 to speak with one of our product specialists.

  • Can I assemble Cabana X myself? Open/Close

    No, your Cabana X will need to be assembled by your authorized dealer or StruXure approved assembly affiliate.

  • Can I assemble it on an uneven yard? Open/Close

    It depends on how uneven the terrain is. We have incorporated adjustable plates on the columns to help compensate for up to 2” of unbalance in the ground or deck surface. However, we do not suggest placing a Cabana X in an area that has more severe diversity in the ground balance.   

  • How much does it weigh fully assembled? Open/Close

    Roughly 500 pounds, depending on the enhancements you have added.

  • Can my Cabana X be anchored to meet local codes? Open/Close

    Yes. You may need to work with a local contractor or handyman to help assist with the proper anchoring requirements to meet your local codes.

  • Do I need a ‘Homeowners Association’ approval to have it in my backyard? Open/Close

    Possibly, depending on your HOA covenants. To be safe, you may want to check with them in advance.

  • Can I remove the louvers at the end of season? Open/Close

    Yes. Cabana X was designed to enable you to remove your louvers in winter months or areas where you get snowfall in winter.

  • What preparation do I take in the event of high winds or snow? Open/Close

    We suggest that you remove the louvers and store them indoors with the expectation of high winds, snow or freeze.

  • Can I take my Cabana X down to store it or move it? Open/Close

    In the event that you wish to disassemble your Cabana X, please contact your Cabana X dealer.

  • Who will service my Cabana X if I have an issue? Open/Close

    Please contact your Cabana X dealer.